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Y+D Translations is headed by Yedra Domínguez Mora. Yedra received a degree in Translation from the Autonomous University of Madrid in 2010 and immediately launched her professional career as a freelancer.

During this time, she has learned and grown along the way and, now, after several years working in the industry and having completed her Masters in Translation and New Technologies, she is embarking on this new project with great enthusiasm and hopes to continue growing and learning.


We do what we are most passionate about: translate.

At Y+D Translations, we specialize in the localization of videogames, apps, software and websites but also offer sworn English translations and technical and marketing content translations.

We focus primarily on English, French and Spanish, but thanks to our broad professional network, we can complete your project in any European or Asian language.

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At Y+D Translations, we believe you are what and how you write.

Your company's image online and and the text accompanying your products helps others form their own idea of your business's image and forge an opinion of you and your work. Therefore, it is essential that we project a professional image in which all of your i's are dotted and t's are crossed.

Our bottom line is quality above all else.

We will not let you down.


At Y+D Translations, we specialize in the translation of texts related to new technologies from English and French into Spanish, but we also have the support of an extensive network of professionals working in European and Asian languages.

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Logo - Videogame localization

Videogame localization

Localization goes beyond the translation of a game's text from one language to another. It also involves a profound cultural adaptation and adjustment of the product to suit its target market.

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Logo - Sworn Translation

Sworn translation

Do you need a legal document or a birth, marriage or death certificate translated? Are you preparing your paperwork to apply for a visa?

Did you study abroad and

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Logo - App localization

App localization

Spain is one of the leading markets in application downloads. There are 12 million application users in Spain alone and 2.7 millon apps are downloaded every day.

Do you want to make the leap into a global market?

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Logo - Marketing Transcreation

Marketing and Transcreation

If you are here is because you care about your texts. You’ve carefully chosen the words you’d like to use and you’d like to get the same impact in another language.

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Logo - Software and website localization

Software and website localization

With more than 800,000 words translated for IBM and even more revised for HP, we can confidently state that we fully understand the software localization process and the specialized terminology employed in user interfaces, online

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Logo - General and technical revision

General and technical revision

Two sets of eyes are better than one, that's why we at Y+D Translations have decided to offer giving your text that one last look before sending it off.

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Logo - Testing


Testing is an extremely important step in the localization process since it is during this final stage that potential localization and functional errors (bugs) are detected. If you are developing an Android or iOS app and need linguistic testing services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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These are some of the clients who have trusted us over the years: